If you are beating yourself up about that piece of chocolate cake you just devoured, or about how you no longer fit into your ‘thin jeans’… then STOP.


Whatever is going on in your life, whatever internal war you are facilitating… let it go.
Make peace with yourself and your decisions.

Why? Because whatever is going on inside of you, will manifest itself as your external reality.

If you are beating yourself up, hosting an internal war within yourself, or allowing feelings of dread, negativity and regret to fill you up, then your external reality will likely look like this: A struggle. 

Powerful people make decisions every day to OWN their emotions, and not let their emotions rule them or their lives. They make peace with their decisions – choosing to believe that every decision they make is the right one. And if they break their diet, they don’t beat themselves up about it, but they also don’t let it throw them off their game.

So today – take time to love on yourself a little. Make peace with yourself.

Give yourself a break!

And you will find that your external reality will become a place of peace (even despite circumstances) and your feeling of being a powerful person in your situation will return.

Give yourself a break, revive your spirit and strengthen your soul by being kind to yourself. And then use that strength to reassess and take back control of your external reality.

YOU are the most powerful person in your life.