SURPRISE! I’ve relocated to Hong Kong.

I’ve been here for almost three weeks, and today has been the first day I’ve been able to take a moment to catch my breath. Yes, the rumors are true: Hong Kong really IS that fast-paced!

From the moment I landed at the airport, Hong Kong felt like ‘home’ to me. I can honestly say that I’ve fallen in love and I’ve never quite felt this way about a place before (so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious…).
However, as with any new place or person you meet, it is inevitable that there will be a few… uh… ‘surprises’ that you will discover along the way…

Chantel (a friend from home who came to Hong Kong the same time I did) and I have, since arriving, encountered one or two of these little surprises…. through the various assaults to our nostrils, the ‘building juice’ on our heads, and one or two little outbursts by locals on the overcrowded MTR (Hong Kongers rarely lose their cool, but when they do, they REALLY do… and it’s usually on public transport).

It’s been entertaining, to say the least.

Our first day  – drunk with anticipation and exhaustion – we could not for the life of us figure out how to 1) use any of the appliances in our hotel room, or 2) locate our shower.


This is us trying to locate our shower:


This is us trying to turn on the lights… and everything else…


…And we had some trauma encountering ‘building juice’ (leakage from the AC’s) for the first time –  which we thought was waste being thrown out the windows (sounds ridiculous I know, but these were some freakin’ big drops that landed on our heads!).

The first few days we (me especially) struggled with adjusting to the smells and heat of Hong Kong. I’m glad to say that after about a week I was used to the ‘smells’ and I don’t notice anything anymore. I’m also slowly getting used to the heat (namely the fact that I want to shower EVERY time I come home… because I just seem to ‘glow’ a lot over here).

On day 3 we moved into our new apartment… and tried out our pretty advanced sleuthing skills on our mystery flatmate…

… luckily he turned out to be really awesome!

Next time I’ll share about some of the amazing things I have done since being here. Contrasting to the little South African city I have been living in for the past 4 years (yea, we kinda broke up…), there is SO much to do here in Hong Kong. I guess I’ll just have to keep this love affair going for a few more years… but I should probably calm down and wait and see what happens. No need to start planning the wedding and our life together just yet… (although, being the typical girl that I am, I really want to!)

Much love from Hong Kong!